eMpulse by Emily karrer

Charged by an alternative beach-grunge lifestyle, eMpulse designs and art are created by Emily Karrer. The brand is based out of Ocean Beach, San Diego, where becoming part of the beach-grunge and self expression is a way of life. Original screen print designs and art production stem from impulsive ideas that pop into the designer’s head…Emily + impulse = eMpulse. 


Mostly an up-cycled unisex clothing line, the clothes start off as unwanted (or sometimes vintage) pieces and are re-vibed into eMpulse original designs through hand-dying, screen printing, embellishing, re-shaping, sewing and patchwork. These up-cycled (or re-purposed) pieces turn in to one-of-a-kind designs, as each one does not start out and end the same. The distressed, yet embellished style of the eMpulse brand celebrates the unique and “weird” beauty in ourselves and the world around us. Seeing the potential canvas in something that may have been considered trash inspires the grunge style of eMpulse. The eMpulse brand comes from an alternative lifestyle centered around self-expression, following what thrills the soul, and adventuring to places that make you feel alive.     


…get on a board. Seek your THRILLS. RIP and FALL. Nose drip on someone’s shoulder. Share your flannel and stay for GOLDEN hour. LURK the alleys and see what treasures you may find. Stare at the cacti long enough to see their faces. CRUISE the streets. In your favorite tee. Leave the salt on your skin. Go to the concert. And wear a fly jacket. Find what makes you feel ALIVE. Stay ALIVE. Get lost. In the cliffs. Stay up late and walk with the PALM TREES AT NIGHT TIME. Follow your impulse…your eMpulse…see where it takes you…