Charged by an alternative lifestyle and creating sustainable designs, Emily Karrer is the designer and producer behind her clothing line, eMpulse. The brand is based out of Ocean Beach, San Diego, where designs and art are inspired by the ocean and created in the salty California sunshine. Emily’s artwork often transforms into original screen prints used on the clothing. The creations stem from impulsive ideas that come to mind…Emily + impulse = eMpulse. 



Crafted as an art, eMpulse is an alternative beach to street clothing line. Soft eco-friendly fabrics (organics, re-cycled & up-cycled) make the styles comfortable to wear through the day and into the night. Made up of mostly one of a kind pieces, the brand’s unique distressed grunge style reflects the beautiful weirdness in us all.   

The brand’s translation of staple wardrobe pieces are mostly designed to be oversized and unisex, for whoever identifies with them. eMpulse flannels, sweatshirts, and t-shirts layers can be worn off the beach and into the street. One of a kind jackets add an extra layer of steeze. 

These adaptable pieces are designed for those who are ready for the unexpected. For those who want to break the norm. For those who find beauty in the the most unexpected places. For the still moments of infinity during a golden sunset. For cruising the streets in the salty warm air. For the sunny days that spin into cool nights. For the adventure you seek.

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The distressed grunge style of the clothing line is enhanced with our unique up-cycling process. The process often starts off with discarded or vintage pieces that are re-vibed into eMpulse original designs. Some of our techniques and embellishments include hand-dying, screen printing (original art), re-shaping/sewing, and patchwork. These up-cycled (or re-purposed) pieces turn in to one of a kind designs, as each one does not start out and end the same. 

When enough discarded clothes can’t be sourced for up-cycling, new organic or re-cycled fabrics are sourced for eMpulse designs. All fabrics are selected to be as eco-friendly as possible and designed as individual pieces. Custom work can be done by contacting the designer at



Seeing the potential canvas in something that may have been considered trash, fuels the creative process behind the sustainable designs of eMpulse. Up-cycling (or re-purposing) is the most sustainable way to produce new clothing designs. Up-cycling uses discarded clothing that have already been manufactured, so it does not use energy expenditure it would take to make new clothes. It also is a form of re-cycling fabrics. “Only 10% of clothing donated to thrift stores or charity get sold, and the rest end up in landfills or are shipped to developing countries, which kill the local industry and turn into mountains of waste” (The True Cost, 2015) . 

The brand is always working to source the most low-impact fabrics as possible. When enough base product can't be sourced to use our up-cycling process, eMpulse uses organic (free of pesticides & GMO) or re-cycled fabrics, including fabrics made from re-cycled plastic bottles. Pesticides and GMO crops not only have negative effects (sometimes deadly) to farmers' health and well-being, but also cause water contamination, damage to surrounding crops, depletes nutrients from the land, and negative effects on bio-diversity (The True Cost, 2015).     

Every aspect of the business is thought out to be as sustainable as possible. We ship plastic free and minimalistic. Therefore you will not find excess wrapping and oversized packaging at your doorstep. We are always researching new eco-friendly techniques and products to send back love to the beautiful world around us.   

eMpulse produces unique clothes with love, as an art. The brand is part of the slow fashion revolution, where clothing is made ethically and with thought for the environment. The fast fashion industry has created an environmental crisis that also has traumatic effects for those working in it. Join us in the slow fashion revolution and view The True Cost  (2015) to learn more about the effects of the fast fashion industry.   


…seek your THRILLS. RIP and FALL. Nose drip on someone’s shoulder. Share your flannel and stay for GOLDEN hour. LURK the alleys and see what treasures you may find. Stare at the cacti long enough to see their faces. CRUISE the streets. In your favorite tee. Leave the salt on your skin. Go to the concert. And wear a fly jacket. Find what makes you feel ALIVE. Stay ALIVE. Get lost. In the cliffs. Stay up late and walk with the PALM TREES AT NIGHT TIME. Follow your impulse…your eMpulse…